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Our company, established in the last century, can count on the experience of the founding partners with two generations of activity in this field. The knowledge acquired has enabled our company to grasp in advance the market’s new and more and more demanding requirements regarding the design, purchasing and assembling of instrument bulk material.
Our natural response to the new scenarios has been to offer fast, economical and functional solutions through the huge materials ready at stocks in our warehouses and our wide range of  customized products, guaranteeing prices that are always competitive.
Reliability and efficiency in fulfilling the commitments taken on are the two key factors on which BULK has built up its excellent reputation and laid the foundations for further growth in terms of both turnover and international prestige.

Please take note that our company is moved on new and larger facility on July 6 2009 at following address:

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Manufacturing unit and warehouse


Knowing the needs of our national and international Customers, it was relatively easy to create products avoiding the inconveniences and certain technical shortcomings typical of firms whose approach is product-oriented instead of use-oriented.
So we developed our first product line, consisting of double ferrule compression fittings and instrument manifolds, designed and built in accordance with international standards with constant attention to suggestions and feedback from the field.
Working closely with our Customers, we became aware of their need to have a single reference-point for purchases of instrument bulk material, and thus rapidly rose to become a market leader in “package” supplies.
The next step was to launch a new product on the market: GRP instrument protection enclosures, which immediately attracted a great deal of interest, given the large and constantly increasing number of plants built in extreme environmental conditions areas.
By supplying these boxes also in pre-assembled form we freed our Customers from having to cope with the problems arising from assembly in the field.
Sampling systems, electro-pneumatic panels and various other customized packages have further extended BULK’s product range, thus making us a real reference-point for the market.
Our collaboration agreements with the companies BIS VALVES and HIP, international leaders in the production of  high pressure components, complete BULK’s extensive range of supplies.

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